01. How much do i need to establish a radio station in Tanzania?

Establishing a radio station in Tanzania needs to consider costs in the following areas:-

i. Registration costs (Payable to TCRA)

  • Application fee (non refundable)= $1,000.
  • Initial license fee= $2,000. for commercial and non commercial district coverage license.
  • Spectrum fee= $1,000.
  • License fee and spectrum fee are also annual fee.

ii. Equipment costs

  • Depends on the quality of equipment and Transmitter power; but we can approximate the minimum cost of USD $ 8,000. to cover 100Watts Transmitter set, broadcast and production studio and an IP based STL. The cost does not include shipping cost and import duties.  For more details about equipment click HERE

iii. Studio modification costs

Studio modification includes:-

  • Acoustics materials  (local made)= $1,500.
  • Studio building modification (depends on the building condition)
  • Furniture= $,2000
  • Other equipment (Generator, Air conditioner, Racks e.t.c) $4,000.
  • Tower (Depends on the region, if you can rent or build your own)

iv. Consultation costs

  • Application documents write-up (non refundable)= $1,000.
  • Installation and training costs $3,000.
  • Other $500

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02. What are the procedures for application for Content Services License?

Download the guideline from TCRA, click this link GUIDELINES FOR THE SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS