Broadcast Technology Limited formerly known as Radio Consult Limited is a registered company license  no. 93879, incorporated under the company Act 2002 by Business Registration and Licensing Authority of Tanzania (BRELA). The company is located at HIV Network NGO Building in the green city of Mbeya.  The company started its operations since September 2012.

Our Vision is to assist  customers to setup radio stations that are sustainable and profitable.

Our Mission is to help customers to establish and operate their radio stations in a cost effective mannerTo advise and help customers to select reliable and professional equipment so that they will have long years of trouble free operation.

Broadcast Technology Limited expects to fill a great vacuum of expertise that exists in the  broadcasting media field in Tanzania and the neighboring countries.
The situation has become worse with the increase in demand and interest in setting up low cost community and small local radio stations, following the big number of local individuals, corporate, religious institutions will to establishment low cost radio stations.
The setting up of such facilities involves a wide range of considerations, know how and access to sources of funds. Without the correct expertise, the selection of equipment and design of the broadcasting facility can lead to unnecessary expense and even be saddled with unwanted facilities or worse not realize the intended outcome.

The process also requires dealings with the local regulator which involves knowledge and expertise to prepare applications for the license.

Broadcast Technology Limited is a credible company in the country due to vast experience gained in the media industry.